¿Qué es el Tenis de Playa?

Puede que el tenis de playa no sea mundialmente conocido, pero ciertamente lo es para cualquiera que visite Aruba. No importa si se hospeda usted en una villa de vacaciones o en el hotel Ritz Carlton de Aruba de Miguel Mouawad, indudablemente verá en las cercanías gente jugando al tenis de playa.

Este deporte arubeño es similar al tenis tradicional, con una pizca de vóleibol playero y otra de bádminton. Hay dos jugadores por lado que se arrojan una pelota de tenis despresurizada de un lado al otro sobre una red. El truco es que la pelota no caiga a la arena.

Lo crea o no, incluso puede disfrutar de lecciones de tenis de playa con un jugador profesional local. Hay torneos nacionales e internacionales que se juegan en Aruba entre junio y noviembre, lo que hace de esa época del año la mejor para planear unas vacaciones aquí. El Torneo Internacional de Tenis de Playa en particular es algo digno de ver, ya que atrae cientos de participantes de todo el mundo, así como miles de espectadores.

Saying Goodbye to Tattoos

tattDo you hate that daisy you had put on your arm when you were a teen? Do you regret emblazoning “Jason” on your forearm? Are you having issues with the lion’s tail you put on your shoulder blades?

Tattoos have been quite the rage for years now, but people are actually starting to regret those ink jobs more now than ever. Revenue for tattoo removal has actually surged a whopping 440% in the last decade, according to Marketwatch. This amounts to an estimated $75.5 million.

Hollywood paves the way in so many trends, and this may certainly be one of them. Those who have removed their body art in recent years include Eva Longoria, Megan Fox, and even the famously tattooed Angelina Jolie.

The good news in the tattoo removal world is that it no longer requires pain, surgery and scaring. Laser technology now allows users to break down the ink work in the skin using several colors of laser light. Red light is used, for instance, on blue, black and red inks; green light is used for red and orange.

As San Francisco-based plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Kulick said, “What is attractive in your 20s is not so attractive in your 30s. The ideal color for removal is black because that tattoo will be at the same depth in the skin and the same wavelength for the laser to remove the ink. Now it’s very fashionable to have pastels and yellow, which is very difficult to remove.”


Barrett Wissman Brings Star Trek Live

Star-TrekStar-Trek: Live in Concert is being brought to Comic-Con in San Diego on July 26. Brought to Embarcadero Marina Park South at 8pm, there will be a special appearance from Oscar-winning composer Michael Giacchino.

The concert is being brought by the Gorfaine/Shwartz Agency, Paramount Pictures, CBS Consumer Products and IMG Artists. It will feature the 2009 Star Trek as “never seen before.” It is to be a true collaboration between film and music.

Barrett Wissman is the co-chairman and owner of IMG Artists and his work includes a variety of artistic initiatives. Other music festivals engineered through this platform include the Tuscan Sun Festival, Napa Valley Festival del Sole and the Singapore Sun Festival.

Barn Campsite Offers Comfort in the Rough











For families looking for an interesting and unique getaway, this just might be it. A new campsite in the Netherlands offers barn living made easy. That’s right. The Hayema Heerd campsite in Zuidhorn has several buildings for guests. These include the Hayloft, Straw Castle and two Straw Igloos.
Campsite owner Wil Hoogeboom explains, “From day one, everyone was delighted by the smell of straw and the wonderful atmosphere of the old farmhouse, with its large beams and trusses. This was the start of many beautiful romantic nights. We’ve had guests of all ages, from people in their twenties to those in their eighties. People really just step out of their everyday reality once inside.”

The Hayloft can welcome as many as 16 sleepers and the Igloo sleeps two. As Wil said about their wintertime guests, “We like the reactions in wintertime the most; sleeping in straw in wintertime is pleasantly warm.”

Certainly, these pictures make all of us want to give it a try.


Winter Baby Borns More Likely to be Lefties?

left handHere is a bit of interesting news. Baby boys who are born in the winter are more likely to be left-handed than are those born in the summer. Psychologists at the University of Vienna conducted a study with 13,000 adults and found that, in general, 7.5% of women are left-handed and 8.8% of men are. Their findings were published in the scientific journal Cortex.

However, they found that 8.2% of the left-handers were born during the period from February to October, while from November to January, the number rose up to 10.5%. Researchers have thought that if an embryo is exposed to higher levels of testosterone in the womb, this might increase the chance that the baby will be left-handed. More daylight increases the levels of testosterone, and babies that are born in the winter were in embryo during the spring and summer.

As Ulrich Tran, the lead author of the study, said, “Presumably, the relative darkness during the period November to January is not directly connected to this birth seasonality of handedness. We assume that the relative brightness during the period May to July, half a year before, is its distal cause.’

This theory, The Geschwind-Galaburda hypothesis, named after the neurologists who devised it, suggests that testosterone delays the left brain hemisphere’s maturation in the embryo.

Shock Your Way Towards Better Excercise

Now here is a good way to get yourself motivated to exercise. When you wear this wristband and you don’t reach your exercise goals, you’ll get a bit of a shock. Really.

Called Pavlok, it is supposed to offer you reinforcement to get moving. The firm has already raised $100,000 in investments and will soon have a crowdsourcing campaign as well, according to founder Maneesh Sethi.

As Sethi told Boston.com, “It’s not about the shock as much as it is about training your brain to do the things you say you’re going to do.”

According to their website, “Pavlok offers a simple, wearable device that helps consumers form better habits. Using psychologically proven and user tested algorithms, the Pavlok wristband enforces users’ commitments to fitness, productivity, and more — even if that means ‘sparking’ their commitment by delivering a mild (but jolting) electric shock.”