Shock Your Way Towards Better Excercise

Now here is a good way to get yourself motivated to exercise. When you wear this wristband and you don’t reach your exercise goals, you’ll get a bit of a shock. Really.

Called Pavlok, it is supposed to offer you reinforcement to get moving. The firm has already raised $100,000 in investments and will soon have a crowdsourcing campaign as well, according to founder Maneesh Sethi.

As Sethi told, “It’s not about the shock as much as it is about training your brain to do the things you say you’re going to do.”
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According to their website, “Pavlok offers a simple, wearable device that helps consumers form better habits. Using psychologically proven and user tested algorithms, the Pavlok wristband enforces users’ commitments to fitness, productivity, and more — even if that means ‘sparking’ their commitment by delivering a mild (but jolting) electric shock.”


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