The Disabled Traveler Gets Ready for his Next Adventure


Caters News Agency picture
Caters News Agency picture

Justin Skeesuck and Patrick Grey are truly inspirational. Best friends, they have decided to be the first people to conquer the 500 mile trip between France and Spain using a non-motorized wheelchair. Hailing from Idaho, they will be the first to attempt the “French Way” route across the Pyrenees towards the shrine of the apostle St. James the Great in Galicia.

They both believe that life is about facing challenges and they are ready for this one. Justin, known as the “Disabled Traveler” on his blog, teaches other people with disabilities how to travel the world.
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As they said, ‘Our aim is to help others realize that life is too short and anyone really can achieve their own dreams if they just make that first move.’

Justin was finally diagnosed with Multifocal Acquired Motor Axonopathy (MAMA), a rare progressive autoimmune/neuromuscular disease which selectively targets muscles throughout the body and causes them to stop functioning.


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