Stress-Busters and Warning Signs

We all feel stress at certain times in our lives, of course. The question is if your level of stress is normal, or if it has seeped into anxiety or depression. Typically, if stress resolves after a triggering situation and you can go back to functioning at your regular level, then the stress is probably normal. If, however, the worry permeates beyond the stressor and infringes upon your ability to function, you may be experiencing anxiety. And if the worry turns to sadness that you can’t seem to life, then you might be experiencing depression.

Certainly, if you feel that you are at the point of having debilitating anxiety or depression, it might be time to seek help. You can ask your health care provider for the name of a psychologist or therapist who might begin to assist you. You can also ask friends and relatives for suggestions of anyone with whom they might have worked for their recommendations.

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While seeing help, you may also want to try some stress-relieving techniques. This could include mindful meditation, aerobic exercise, breathing techniques and more. You can find many stress relieving techniques online, most of which have the goal of turning off your mind and having you focus in the here and now.

Recognizing that these are stressful times and that many people are having trouble can also be helpful. Reach out to others and share your concerns and worries. You may think you’re alone, or you’re the only one who feels as you do; but you may be surprised to realize just how many other people share your worries and concerns.

Macaroni and Cheese Ice Cream Coming Your Way

Specialty ice cream stores are certainly all the rage. And it’s fun to try unusual food combinations in icy form. But sometimes they might just go a bit too far.

Take the recent macaroni and cheese flavored ice cream. Yes, this is actually a thing. The Kraft Heinze Company has partnered with the Van Leeuwen Ice Cream company to make a limited-edition offer of this iconic meal. But as an ice cream flavor?

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On Instagram they’ve advertised it, quite humorously, as “The ice cream you never knew you needed.”

They started selling it, appropriately, on July 14 since that’s National Macaroni & Cheese Day (who knew?). You can get it across the country online and in their shops in New York, California, New Jersey and Texas. But be warned that it’s already sold out once – so this is a hot item coming to the ice cream parlor near you!

Diabetes and Poor Sleep – a Deadly Combination

Most of us know that diabetes can be dangerous and that people with diabetes need to safe guard their health and be careful in many ways. What people may not realize, is that this even includes their sleep. A new study that was published in the Journal of Sleep Research shows that diabetes and sleep issues can lead to detrimental health concerns.

The data analyzed almost half a million middle-aged people in the UK Biobank Study the study found that those who slept poorly and had diabetes were 12% more likely to die over the next nine year follow up period than were those with diabetes but no sleep issues. This study was the first of its kind to specifically look at diabetes and sleep and what they mean for mortality risks.

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The study also highlighted that people who sleep poorly and don’t have diabetes are at higher risk for dying than are those who sleep well and don’t have diabetes. Sleep matters.

Read more about the study and about tips to help get better sleep on CNN.

Director Peter Farrelly’s Loudermilk Season 3 Released on Amazon Prime

Fans of Loudermilk are thrilled by the return of the show for a third season, now with a new home on Amazon Prime. Previously aired on Audience Network, the show is created in its entirety by director Peter Farrelly and Bobby Mort for Sony Pictures Television. The show’s first two seasons were met with much enthusiasm, and Season 3 was launched as a total surprise. 

“I couldn’t be prouder of this show,” Peter Farrelly said of Loudermilk. The third season “features some of the best performances you’ll see on television this year. Hopefully Ron Livingston, Will Sasso, Anja Savcic and Brian Regan will finally start getting some serious Emmy consideration, because it’s long overdue.”

See the Season 3 trailer here:

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Is Your Lack of Sleep Making You Fat?

We all know how important sleep is for our mental health and productivity. But did you know that not sleeping enough might actually be part of why you’re fat? And not just fat, but generally unhealthy with heart disease problems, high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes and more.

Many researchers have shown the link between poor sleep habits and a greater BMI, but these studies have often relied on how the participants said they slept. Now, with the ability to track sleep with smart watches and more, we have even more in-depth research tying these issues. A new study that was published in JAMA Internal medicine looked at 120,000 people for two years. One of the take aways from their study was that people with BMIs over 30 had shorter sleep durations and more variation in their sleep patterns.

Certainly, there are some extenuating factors and more research needs to be done. But the findings were intriguing. When you sleep less, you activate the hormone called ghrelin, while pushing down leptin. This creates hunger – and hunger means more eating and snacking. Of course, we all know, as well, that when you are sleep deprived you don’t make choices that are always the best for your wellbeing.

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Learn more here and make sure to get enough sleep tonight!



Does Empathy Make a Difference in the Classroom?

In a fascinating new study from the University of Cambridge, empathy was found to be a factor in enhancing creativity. Students were asked to design an asthma treatment kit for young children, and the researchers found that those who had integrated empathy into their learning and their design challenge were more creative than were those who had not.

Bill Nicholl and Helen Demetriou have conducted the study and have created an initiative called Designing Our Tomorrow.

As Demetriou explains in an interview with CNN,

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“Empathy is a form of creativity in its own right — it involves imagination. Broadly speaking, there are two types of empathy: cognitive, or thinking about things from another’s perspective; and emotional/affective, feeling along with the other person. With creativity you also have this cognitive side and emotional side, and if you are designing a product with someone else’s needs in mind, it is important to project yourself into the other’s world. The two really go hand in hand.”

Later in the interview he explains that:

“We need to keep reminding children to always think about things from someone else’s perspective. How are they feeling? What are they thinking that made them behave like that?

Reading helps, too. There is lots of research that shows that books can elicit empathy, and conversation about the characters and stories helps children see what it is like to experience life as another person.”