Macaroni and Cheese Ice Cream Coming Your Way

Specialty ice cream stores are certainly all the rage. And it’s fun to try unusual food combinations in icy form. But sometimes they might just go a bit too far.

Take the recent macaroni and cheese flavored ice cream. Yes, this is actually a thing. The Kraft Heinze Company has partnered with the Van Leeuwen Ice Cream company to make a limited-edition offer of this iconic meal. But as an ice cream flavor?

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On Instagram they’ve advertised it, quite humorously, as “The ice cream you never knew you needed.”

They started selling it, appropriately, on July 14 since that’s National Macaroni & Cheese Day (who knew?). You can get it across the country online and in their shops in New York, California, New Jersey and Texas. But be warned that it’s already sold out once – so this is a hot item coming to the ice cream parlor near you!


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