Happiness is Key

Everyone wants to be happy. This feeling, emotion, state of being – is a hard one to define. While we may not be able to pinpoint what exactly happiness is per say, we can safely assert that it is something we all strive for and is objectively viewed as positive.

So, what are the benefits of happiness?

There are many theories on the subject. A series of studies conducted in 2012 found a connection between psychological and physical well-being. Those who displayed optimistic psychological qualities, like happiness and positive thinking, were also found to be at lower risk for cardiovascular issues. Laura Kubzansky, one of the Harvard School of Public Health researchers who published these findings, clarified that people who exhibit a positive sense of well-being seem to have an easier time living physically healthy lifestyles. She suggests that healthy habits such as eating a balanced diet, exercising, and getting a good night’s sleep may be recognized as beneficial activities in achieving long-term goals by those whose mindset is more optimistic.

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A more recent study in the Canadian Medical Association Journal concluded that people ages 60+ who reportedly “enjoyed life” were less likely to develop a disability over an eight-year time frame, and were physically more mobile. While the studies do not prove a causal relationship, we can learn that there is a correlation.

The next question is, then, how can we maintain a more positive mindset?

Many psychologists recommend mindfulness techniques. The mindfulness approach places an emphasis on the here-and-now; living in the moment and being present. Some enjoy keeping a gratitude journal. Others notice an increase in satisfaction when they’ve helped another person.

Whatever method you choose, you can rest assured that maintaining a good sense of well-being is correlated with physical health and beneficial to one’s overall happiness.

Taking Shoes off at the Door

Most people probably understand, in theory, why it’s healthy to take your shoes off in the house. You might have picked up gum on the bottom of your shoe; maybe you stepped in something unseemly, etc. But most people probably don’t realize just how unhealthy it is to have shoes on in the house.

In a recent article, two scientists, Mark Patrick Taylor and Gabriel Filippelli, unpack the many reasons to abandon those shoes at the door. Here is a summary of their findings.

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They found that people actually spend 90% of their time indoors and that a third of your indoor air quality comes from things you bring into the home. Some of these items that you may bring in on your shoes include infectious germs that could be hard to treat and cancer-causing toxins from asphalt road residue and lawn chemicals. Yicks!

As they explained, “A strong focus of our work has involved assessing levels of potentially toxic metals (such as arsenic, cadmium and lead) inside homes across 35 nations…The science suggests a very strong connection between the lead inside your home and that in your yard soil. The most likely reason for this connection is dirt blown in from your yard or trodden in on your shoes, and on the furry paws of your adorable pets.”

Hiccup Removal – Old Tale or Truth?

We can probably all agree that hiccups are really annoying. They are frustrating to endure and sometimes difficult to get rid of. CNN recently did an enlightening review about all of those old tales you know about hiccup cures; and surprisingly found that many of the hiccup-removal myths that you might know aren’t actually myths. Many of them work. But they don’t necessarily work for the reason you might assume they do.

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As CNN explained, “There are few concrete medical cures for the hiccups, but experts know that stopping them ideally involves the diaphragm, the vagus nerve and the phrenic nerve.” And many of those “silly” methods that you grew up doing actually work with the diaphragm, the vagus nerve and the phrenic nerve. So while you might assume you’re going through the action of drinking water backwards or scaring your friend just because you hope it might work – it may actually work for a different reason than you assume.

Read the whole article and get ready for that backwards drinking, friend scaring experience!

Winter Smart: Staying Warm & Safe

It’s cold outside and we are all just looking for ways to combat the chill. The New York City Fire Department, headquartered at New York City’s Brooklyn Commons, issued some safety tips for staying cozy and cautious this winter.

FDNY at Brooklyn Commons
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Save the Space: Turn off or unplug space heaters when leaving a room. Leaving a space heater unattended increases the chances of a devastating fire. Always place a space heater at least three feet away from any combustible substance.

Shut It: When escaping a fire, closing the door can contain the flames, reduce the damage, and give more people time to get out safely. Prevent fumes, smoke, and heat from spreading to hallways and stairwells by isolating the fire behind a closed door.

FDNY at Brooklyn Commons

Be Alarmed: Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your home and office. Test them regularly to make sure they are working and replace the batteries frequently. Early detection of a fire or gas is the best way to prevent serious injury and harm.

Call 911: As soon as fire, smoke, or gas is detected, call emergency professionals. Do whatever is necessary to ensure everyone’s safety; do not try to combat the blaze yourself.

Have a Plan: Having—and practicing—a thoughtful fire escape plan ensures that everyone knows what to do in an emergency. Regular fire drills at work and home mean that everyone knows where the closest exit is and how to escape safely. Make sure that all fire exits are clear and properly marked; furniture should never block an escape route.

Keep it Clean: Regular cleaning of hot water heaters, chimneys, furnaces, and boilers is essential. Lint, dirt, and other residues can build up in these appliances and catch flame. Check the user manual or with your landlord for proper instructions on how to clean these machines.

FDNY at Brooklyn Commons

Don’t Be Burned: While thermal burns, caused by flames or hot liquids, are the most common home heat-related injury, frostbite and chemical burns are also a winter hazard. Make sure to wear proper gear when frolicking in the snow or on the ice.

Does Your Fitness Tracker Push You to do More?

While this shouldn’t come as a surprise, a fitness tracker app has been found to not only monitor your fitness level, but to cause you to work harder at your exercise. In a recent study published in the bmj, researchers found that people who used a fitness app increased their everyday activity by about 1235 steps and their moderate to vigorous activity by 48.5 minutes a week.

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This makes intuitive sense. If I walk everyday, but notice that I get to 8000 steps, I may feel internally incentivized to get to 10,000 steps. Without a step monitor, I won’t know that I’ve only gotten to 8000 and I won’t feel that pull to continue and to push myself further.

Of course, there are other ways to incentivize yourself and to reach your goals, many of which are outlined in this CNN article. But the research on fitness trackers is certainly worth exploring further.

Fitness Resorts Booming

It’s no secret that many of us have gained weight during COVID-19. We’ve been home much more than usual, we’ve been stressed, and we’ve had access to the kitchen far too often. So it should come as no surprise that fitness resorts are now booming.

And this is true in many locations. One weight loss, detox and fitness location in the UK, Slimmeria, has been sold out since May. Hilton Head Health in South Carolina has had a 30% increase in inquiries since February and has a 6-8 week waiting list.

There are many other locations that are considering opening extra branches and that have waiting lists as long as the weight people have gained.

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People are also seeking out these experiences for other reasons. They are starved for companionship and want to be somewhere that is serene, inviting, and populated by other people. Many people also want to unwind and get outdoors after over a year cooped up either by themselves, or with those they see every day.

Of course, these experiences come with a hefty price tag – but for those who have been confined to their homes, the price tag appears to be worth it.

Learn more about these various retreat locations to see if they are right for you!