Link Between Pre-Eclampia and Vascular Dementia Found

Here is a scary statistic – women who have pre-eclampsia while they are pregnant have three and a half times more of a likelihood to get vascular dementia. This type of dementia is caused by reduced blood flow to the brain. Researchers think that the heightened risk is a result the diseased blood vessels that women have from abnormally high blood pressure.

How can this information help women? High risk women can be given early intervention to help reduce blood pressure and cholesterol.

The finding comes from scientists at Statens Serum Institut in Denmark who analyzed data that came from more than 1.1 million women who gave birth at least one time from 1978-2015. It’s important to understand that the correlation is between pre-eclampsia and vascular dementia; only a modest association was found with pre-eclampsia and Alzheimer’s disease.

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Published in the BMJ, the study concluded, ‘This study indicates that pre-eclampsia is associated with an increased risk of later dementia, particularly vascular dementia, suggesting that pre-eclampsia and vascular dementia may share underlying mechanisms or susceptibility pathways.”


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