No Caffeine for You!

It’s quite surprising to see how many young people drink caffeine – and to learn how bad it can be for them. Now, one coffee company is doing something about it. Costa Coffee is allowing individual branches to refuse to sell caffeine to children under 16. With more than 2400 stores across the UK, this can have a serious impact.

As their spokesperson explained, “We do not encourage the sale of caffeine to children under 16 and it is at store discretion to question a customer’s age if they have any concerns. Our advertising is not directed at children and you must be 16 or above to own a Costa Club Card. Caffeine information is available upon request should a customer wish to know the level of caffeine in their favourite Costa coffee.”

Caffeine information is always available for customers who request to know the levels of caffeine in their favorite drinks.

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It’s not clear as of yet how many stores will decide to turn children away who request caffeinated drinks.


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