The Wii Just Might Make a Difference for Older People

Here’s an interesting idea. If your older and experiencing chronic lower back pain, you just might want to turn to the Wii. What, you ask? Well, the Wii can actually reduce lower back pain by as much as 30% according to a study from the University of Sydney in Australia. The participants were given a Nintendo Wii-Fit-U to play and asked to do aerobic exercises three times a week for an hour each time.

They found that participants had an 23% increase in physical ability after playing. As the study author Dr. Joshua Zadro explained, “It is a great option for older people suffering from chronic low back pain as participants experienced a 27 per cent reduction in pain.”

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He continued, “Participants practiced flexibility, strengthening and aerobic exercises for 60 minutes, three times per week at home without therapist supervision


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