Leap Your Way Into Fun with Leap Day

frog-111179_960_720Today is Leap Day! And certainly you can’t just let that pass you by without doing something fun. Here are some ideas to make the day fun for your kids. If you’re an adult without kids – check out the sales that some of the stores are having and the fun green drinks that you’ll find in restaurants and bars.

Now, on to the kids…

Buy some plastic frogs and put them inside jello. If you use black jello, you can tell your kids are living in the swamp and they have to find each one. Yum!

Play leap frog because…well..why not?

Cut out two frogs from tissue paper. You have two teams and two straws. One kid on each team picks up the star and sucks in to it to catch the frog. They have to run to the other side of the room without dropping the frog and then run back to give it to the next player. First team to finish wins.

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Make cupcakes and frost them with green frosting. Put out jellybeans and decorations to make frog faces. Eat and enjoy.

Have your older children write letters to themselves to open four years from now on Leap Day.

Make a frog puppet.

Have fun!


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