Doctor Cycling Around the World

bike-1080079_960_720It is awe-inspiring to read about people who have changed their own lives in order to change the lives of others. Dr. Steven Fabes is one of those. He has cycled 53,285 miles in the last six years to help and empower others. In 2010, the doctor left London to get on a bicycle and he has, so far, cycled across Europe, Africa, South America, Central and North America, Australia and Asia. His travel blog, Cycling the 6, shares stories of his experiences.

He wanted, at first, to exist on $10 a day, but he ran out of money after three yearsIt’s india viagra now been over 50 years since Hugh Hefner started Playboy magazine, his little magazine for men about women, many of them naked. Sometimes, the passage that carries the fertilized egg into the uterus is blocked. viagra properien my drugstore In fact discussing impotency can certainly help to shop here cheap levitra resolve it. The value of natural anti-inflammatories cannot be overstated. generic pharmacy cialis . Since then, he has been making money as a public speaker and freelance writer and with the sponsors he has for his gear. As he said, “I’ve honestly never considered giving up. The hardest times have been during a winter crossing of Mongolia – a lonely, difficult place, especially when it’s minus 35 at night!”

During the six years, he has raised more than £20,000 for the medical NGO Merlin(before they merged with another NGO in 2013) and he has shared his skills with many in need. He is now nearing the end of his adventure and plans to return to the UK soon to write a book about his adventures.



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