The Ultimate Slumber Party

alcatraz-52912_960_720The Daily Mail recently put together an awesome list of places where you can have a slumber party. And no, we don’t mean at your Aunt Sally’s house. These are amazing locations where you are actually allowed to sleep for the night. Here are a few:

If you love the idea of a night at the museum, you can actually enjoy it now. The Natural History Museum in London offers their Dino Snores event where you can sleep over and enjoy special events for guests.

If you love Chelsea football, then why not spend a night in their stadium? This is available for children aged 5-10 and the package includes a tour of the stadium including the dressing room, a chance to meet the Chelsea mascot and a chance to sleep in the Chelsea FC Museum.

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If you’re not too faint of heart, you can enjoy a night on Alcatraz Island in what used to be a prison. In San Francisco, you can take a tour, enjoy dinner and then sleep in one of the D-Blocks! Interest in this activity is so high that they have a lottery process and applications are accepted each year from November 1-30 for dates the following year.

See the whole list here.


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