Eat Your Heart Out With Chocolate

If you don’t enjoy really dark chocolate, it looks like maybe you should start to acquire a taste for it. Research from the team at Loma Linda University have found that the darker the bar (and higher the concentration of cacao), the more the benefits.

We all know that darker chocolate is better for you and that it boosts the immune system, heart health and memory, but until now no one has looked at the different benefits depending on the different concentrations of cacao. Turns out that the people eating the darkest chocolate have lower stress levels and strong immunity, among other benefits. Professor Berk presented his findings at the Experimental Biology annual meeting in San Diego and explained that they had participants wear an EEG skull cap 30 minutes and then two hours after consuming 48g of 70% chocolate. He said that their findings show that the flavonoids in cacao are amazing antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents and that they help with brain and cardiovascular health.

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Other studies have similarly shown the fantastic benefits of chocolate. Learn more about these benefits – and start enjoying your dark chocolate today!


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