Should You Eat a Sugar-Free Diet?

You’ve probably heard the buzz about taking on a sugar-free diet. But does the cost of your suffering really offer you enough benefit to make it worth it? What are the difficulties of a diet of this sort, on top of the lack of sugar?

  1. Often times, when you’re given a list of allowed foods, it makes you want the not allowed foods even more. This promotes a diet mentality and makes people people feel bad when they do indulge in those foods.
  2.  Researchers have actually found that dieting isn’t effective in the long term and can actually lead to more weight gain. When the brain interprets the diet as a restriction, it causes fat storage to build up for future shortages. In addition, if the diet causes stress, the body releases cortisol which can cause the body to store fat.
  3. These diets also advocate avoiding fruit for a certain period of time and then slowly introducing it.

And the list continues. Assuming you don’t want to go on a sugar-free diet, here are some recommendations. Eat two servings of fruit a day and eat plenty of plants, whole grains, beans and legumes. You can eat a little less sugar but you don’t have to go crazy avoiding it. When you do eat foods with sugar, try to eat mindfully to really enjoy the food you’re eating. Learn more for healthy eating.
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