Fitbit Offering New Features for Women

Fitbit is upping its game and it’s certainly an interesting addition. They are rolling out a Female Health feature on their newest watch model called the Fitbit Versa. The features on this new Fitbit were, interesting, some of the most requested additions asked for by users.

So what does the Female Health feature do? This feature allows women to track where they are in their menstrual cycle. It can send notifications when you are supposed to start your period (based on past history) and when you are the most fertile. The in-app feature is going to work with the Versa and Ionic models of the smart watch. It will be available to all women over the age of 13 who have the Fitbit app.

As Danielle Kosecki, Fitbit’s senior health and fitness editor explained,
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“This new in-app experience and on-device experience is designed to help you learn more about your menstrual cycle – and your body – so you can better understand how it affects other aspects of your health and fitness.”

In addition to the features for the device, Fitbit plans to set up online community groups for women to discuss their periods, birth control, conception, menopause and more. All female users of the Fitbit will get a notification about the new feature as it is rolled out and they will be able to opt in or decide not to.


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