Diamonds in the Rough: Mozes Victor Konig on Lessons from Diamonds

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In The Diamond Cutter: The Buddha on Managing Your Business and Your Life, authors Geshe Michael Roache and Lama Christie McNally teach their readers how to enhance their chances of success both personally and professionally.  As someone who works in the diamond industry, Mozes Victor Konig has a lot of respect for Roach who took the Andin International Diamond Corporation from a team of just four employees to a world leader in the industry.

“What’s interesting about the book,” says Konig “is how it provides wisdom on Tibetan Buddhism via The Diamond Sutra – a simple philosophy on life that ‘something is what it is only because of what it is not.’ Combining these two ideas for improving one’s life both in the personal and professional realms is very impressive,” Konig added.

This is not a new book.  Indeed, in its original form it was the very first book ever printed (not written by hand) and was meant as a book of Buddha teachings more than 2,500 years ago. But its message – believes Konig and thousands others who have read it – is just as relevant today as it was back then.

“In my opinion,” Mozes Victor Konig says, “some of the best lessons are those provided centuries ago.  And they are the simplest ones too.  Plus, they show how we have to center ourselves before we look outside.” Some examples of this are:

  1. To succeed financially, give to others.
  2. To become a leader, learn from those around you.
  3. To live in a happy world, be ethical in all your dealings.

For any success in life, looking inwards and taking responsibility rather than attaching blame to others is logical advice.


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