Fitness Resorts Booming

It’s no secret that many of us have gained weight during COVID-19. We’ve been home much more than usual, we’ve been stressed, and we’ve had access to the kitchen far too often. So it should come as no surprise that fitness resorts are now booming.

And this is true in many locations. One weight loss, detox and fitness location in the UK, Slimmeria, has been sold out since May. Hilton Head Health in South Carolina has had a 30% increase in inquiries since February and has a 6-8 week waiting list.

There are many other locations that are considering opening extra branches and that have waiting lists as long as the weight people have gained.

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People are also seeking out these experiences for other reasons. They are starved for companionship and want to be somewhere that is serene, inviting, and populated by other people. Many people also want to unwind and get outdoors after over a year cooped up either by themselves, or with those they see every day.

Of course, these experiences come with a hefty price tag – but for those who have been confined to their homes, the price tag appears to be worth it.

Learn more about these various retreat locations to see if they are right for you!


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