Keeping It In the Family

Middleton’s Moving?

It seems like everyone wants a piece of the royal pie. And it could just be that everyone is going to get it! Kate Middleton might be unusual in the sense that she could have a harder time dealing with her own parents that her somewhat troubled in-laws.

It seems that Mr. Michael and Mrs. Carole Middleton – the royal-to-be’s parents – have snuck over to take a peak at a house for sale priced at £5 million. That doesn’t really make such great headlines, but adding this to the tale might: it is reported that this particular house was where Camilla Parker Bowles resided during the peak of her affair with Prince Charles!

What’s Making the Middleton’s Move?

One might question why it is now that the Middleton’s are choosing to move. After all, they’ve seemed quite content in their red-brick 5 bedroom house, estimated at close to £1million) in a little village near Reading for the last 20 years. This was where they raised their three children and set up and ran their mail-order party planning business. But it makes sense the couple would want to move on, since their children are grown and out of the house.
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If that’s the case, then why are they not downsizing? If they are interested in Camilla’s old residence, this would be quite the opposite and they would be getting something much larger, which is currently home to the Earl and Countess Cairns, boasting a staggering 70 acres of parkland.

Well if the Middleton’s do buy the home, it sure is a good way to keep it in the family. It was said that “Camilla was rather amused to hear that the Middleton’s had been to look round her old home.” The lady-no-longer-in-waiting is probably able to chuckle about such matters now her life has turned around to being Great Britain’s next queen.

Find a Mate Online? Is Nothing Left to the Real World?

How can it be that these days, pretty much everything is left to the Internet.  I mean of course there are incredible benefits to doing things online and we are living in very much a virtual world, but does dating need to be too?  Well, these days, given that so much of our lives is conducted on a keyboard, it seems like it’s actually a really good way of at least “meeting” someone.  And it looks like it works too.  But since there are so many online dating sites out there, how does one work out which one to use?

A recent study discussed this matter and found that what was important to many people was protection and privacy policies and according to eHarmony, that is exactly what their clients will get.  As well, it commits to “supplying greatest policy for a lady when dating so that they can block individuals with whom they do not desire to talk any longer.”

In my firm opinion, it seems that there really is nothing wrong with online dating as long as it is just used for the initial introduction.  Also, one should be careful about it.  For women, do not give out any personal information:  just a first name and then arrange a meeting place.  Do not tell them where you live or give out your number before the initial meeting.
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At the end of the day one of the most important things to realize about online dating is that it is just that – it’s online.  So use it to find an introduction but after that either create a real relationship or ditch the person; do not try to attempt to establish a relationship on line.  Be careful about finding out about the site’s policy on privacy and thereafter make sure you take the necessary actions to avoid giving out too much information.  If you do all of that then it really is pretty similar to regular dating; just use a bit of common sense.

New 12-Minute Laundry Cycles; For Real?

You probably still hear stories from your grandmothers about their day-to-day lives being taken up by going to the river to wash all their clothes, sitting there scrubbing from morning to night.  And you’re probably so glad you never had to live during those times.  But think about how much further we could go?  Imagine your grandchildren feeling sorry for you that your washing machine was pretty much working all day and it took the better part of an afternoon for your clothes to clean?  

Save Time, Energy and Water

It seems that this is happening even sooner than we anticipated.  Highly reputable manufacturer Russell Hobbs has just developed a machine which boasts it can clean laundry in as little as 12 minutes and a ton less water than standard 90 minute cycles.  As well, a staggering 212,415 gallons of water will be saved over a lifetime!  That is enough to fill nearly 17 swimming pools!

How Does Russell Hobbs Do It?

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So the question being asked is, how on earth is this manufacturer doing it?  Well, apparently there are now two jet nozzles which are being used to spray water and detergent.  Our machines have always traditionally used only one.  But don’t expect to get off lightly when you make the purchase, the cheapest one being £247, but think how much money you will get to save long-term, as well as time?

Any Disadvantages?

Well, everything comes with a side issue.  Sometimes the 12-minute cycle won’t quite get all your stains out if they are really strong.  Ultimately a good “old-fashioned soak” is what will really get rid of mega-stains.  But this is just the first model and who knows how many improvements will be made in the future?  It’s probably worth holding off for a while and waiting to see what Russell Hobbs’ competitors come up with in the near future.  You’ve waited this long and spent enough time on your laundry; what’s another few months with the thought of mega-time, water and money being saved in the future?

Skype To Get Oxford English Dictionary Entry

It’s official; Skype is now a word. Well, truth be told, official or not, we’ve all pretty much been using Skype for the longest time. But it’s nice to know it is now to be approved by the Oxford English Dictionary. Indeed, Charles Aver (Oxford University Press spokesperson) commented, “we are pleased to welcome to the OED these words English speakers have embraced.” People always talk about ‘skyping’ so it was deemed timely to finally include this in the dictionary.

Apple To Get More than a Passing Mention?

Who knows? This may be the sign of things to come. Considering there is so much talk about iThis and iThat these days, it could be that Steve Jobs’ products could soon get an entry into the OED tooAction of mechanism- The medication is prepared taking viagra low price proper care of the professionals. Different Types of Sexual Dysfunction in Men Various types of psychological exercises might be consumed by men for treating their impotence condition, and one type of the psychological treatment is known as “sensate focus.” This particular exercise is known for involving a man and his generika viagra wife might feel they are sacrificing. Male free viagra in australia impotence is a man problem. Note that these tablets are blue in color and prices online cialis are a bit elongated. . The iPad 2 has literally flown off the shelves to such an extent that there is now a 5 week wait to get this new tablet. If that’s the case, surely it deserves a place of pride in the dictionary? Stay tuned.

No One Spilling at the Palace



According to USA Today, it seems no one is giving out all that much information about the forthcoming nuptials of Prince William of Wales to (Catherine) Kate Middleton.  We’ve not even had a picture of the lady’s dress!  Critics have wondered if it is this lack of knowledge that is making the Brits go even more nuts to find out what’s going on, but it’s unlikely, given the major interest that took place all those moons ago when the Prince’s mother wed his father (although let’s please ask for more of a fairytale end to this marriage).  

Brand on Royal Weddings

Emily Brand probably knew that this would be the case.  She wrote a book – perfectly timed to hit stores on March 22 – entitled Royal Weddings and argued that “interest seems to be stronger, partly because this is the marriage of the future king and partly because it is [seen as] a genuine and remarkably ‘ordinary’ romance.”  This could well be what is sparking interest; all those helpless romantics who saw how Kate did it; and that they could do it too; meet a boy, fall in love and get married, but it sure could help if he’s loaded with money and all those who know him call him Prince.

Shopaholic Sophie Kinsella Comments

According to author of the Shopaholic series Sophie Kinsella (she just added another one to the series, ‘Mini Shopaholic’), it’s only a matter of time until everyone is going crazy for the wedding.  There is already talk about street parties and Kinsella’s theory is that there will probably me mass excitement but “quite last minute.”

Whether interest peaks or not, and whether we find out details of the dress before the big day or it remains a secret, let’s just make sure the energies we are putting out there are feel good ones and that our main priorities are for William and Kate – two young people in love – will live happily ever after.  Because after all, that’s all anyone really wants at the end of the day; prince or pauper.


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Lady Gaga Insulted by Ice-Cream?

Could it be possible that Lady Gaga, the famous popsinger, is getting all het up about a new flavor of ice-cream being sold in London’s Covent Garden?  Well, not exactly the flavor, (although that’s having plenty of others up in arms) but its name.  “Baby Gaga” the new ice cream flavor being sold at the boutique Covent Garden ice-cream store The Icecreamists, is made up of breast milk, lemon zest and vanilla pods.  The first ingredient has been causing quite a stir amongst various individuals who are somewhat horrified by the idea, but the shop owners have been vehemently defending the creamy scoop of ice protesting its nutritional benefits.  Totally organic and natural, they claim, “if it’s good enough for our babies, it’s good enough for us.”

Baby Gaga From Lady Gaga?

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Even if that is the case, Lady Gaga feels it shouldn’t have her name and has even sent The Icecreamists a threatening letter from her lawyer that this will result in court action if the name is not changed. The question is, does she really have copyright laws to the word that babies often utter when “speaking” for the first time.  Let’s not worry about hardened criminals roaming our streets; let’s sort out who can use the name Gaga already.