Great Big Brother

There are good big brothers and then there are great big brothers. Clearly Timo Perez falls into the latter category. He immediately stepped in when his little brother Carlos was being attacked by a German shepherd mix dog who had “escaped from a nearby business lot.” The attack took place in their backyard, in Homestead, South Florida, where the two boys were just innocently playing with another friend who lived nearby.
It seemed from his protective actions that Timo (only six-years-old) wasn’t a bit concerned for his own safety; it was just instinct that drove him to protect his four year old brother and the four year old friend. He really put himself on the line as the two little boys hid, leaving poor Timo to have his arm, shoulder and head be bitten into. But this didn’t stop Timo or make him run scared. On the contrary, he used “his body as a barrier between the dog and the younger boys…refusing to move as the frenzied attack continued,” with the younger boys watching in total terror.

Timo just waited until finally the dog finished and ran off which was when he went to get help and was immediately taken to Miami Children’s Hospital “where he received surgical staples in his scalp, shoulder and arm.” Thankfully it looks like tough Timo will make a full recovery.
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Timo Undaunted by Heroism

While news traveled fast of Timo’s heroism, the boy remained somewhat confused by all the attention. He was even interviewed on WSVN-TV news and didn’t seem to realize what all the fuss was about. When asked if he’s now scared of dogs, his innocent reply was “No, just the one dog that’s mean.” The dog has now been destroyed and its owner has been cited according to a police spokesman.


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