The Common Cold: Its Origins

Pump Up the Zinc

Perhaps you are among the millions of people who believe that you’re getting a cold from the cold weather. If you are, then you are not alone in your error. According to a CNN report, this sickness that impacts over a billion Americans each year is actually caused by other things. The good news is that there are various natural remedies that can help once you have been afflicted by this virus. Recent research has shown that a since supplement can reduce symptoms and may even work as a preventive measure.

Cold Lessons: 101

Rather than take major steps in an attempt to avoid any cold weather as a preventive method, consider the following facts. It’s good to stay warm for sure (especially for those most at risk like asthmatic children and the elderly) and according to Massachusetts pediatrician Dr. Peter Greenspan, a scarf wrapped around the nose and mouth can also be beneficial (to prevent an asthma attack).

Also be aware that just being in the same vicinity as someone with a cold will not render you more susceptible. It’s only if they sneeze on their hand and then come over and wipe it all over you that you will have a greater chance of being affected.
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Winter Worries?

While it is the case that you can’t directly get a cold from the bad weather, on a cold day it is the case that sneeze droplets have the capacity to travel father than on a humid one. As well, transmission is facilitated during stormier weathers since people are more likely to be indoors and thus physically closer to each other. Be sure you use disinfectants around your house to the spreading of such droplets.

Cold Prevention?

Ultimately what those billion of Americans want to know is, is it possible to prevent the common cold? Firstly, always wash your hands for a good few minutes (soaping and rinsing). Secondly, a good night’s sleep goes a long way in preventing many viruses. Thirdly, to ensure others don’t catch whatever you have, try to cough into your elbow as that is a better preventive measure of spreading according to experts.

Janna Bullock Featured As Miracle Working Nurse on New TV Show

Janna BullockThe ABC Television Network introduced a new television series on March 6, which aired for the first time on WCHS-TV8 at 10pm. Each week “Miracle Workers” will deal with two real-life people who have been told by their doctors that “there is nothing more that we can do.” The series will show that, with the help of an elite team of medical professionals and access to hard-to-get medical procedures, it is indeed possible to overcome the odds.

The “Miracle Workers” medical team will include a fearless cardiac surgeon, Redmond Burke, known for performing the first hear lung transplant on a child in New England; a cardiovascular surgeon, Billy Cohn, who is known as the Thomas Edison of heart surgery on account of his long and impressive list of innovative inventions which have forever altered surgical techniques; indefatigable UCLA Medical Center nurse Janna Bullock; and RN Tamara Houston of the McLennan Community Recovery Facility.

Teaming up to produce the series are Dream Works Television and Renegade 83 Entertainment. Together they will be able to continue in the network’s tradition of creating reality TV programming based on making the greatest dreams of ordinary people come to fruition.

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The show will take viewers on a real-life journey witnessing as those who would otherwise not have access to necessary medical attention are able to get this attention.

The series will not leave out a moment of the transformation, from the first consultation with their newly found team of doctors to the necessary procedures to the life-changing effect the care they received has on the patients and their families and loved ones. Incredible special effects graphics will be incorporated into the show to explain the procedures and to show in detail the physiological effects the procedures have on the patients.

Screening for Teen Psychiatric Disorders

Recent studies published in the Archives of General Psychiatry show that eating disorders in teens are strongly connected to suicide. These eating disorders can be fatal, usually beginning during the ages of 12- 17, and are associated with numerous other psychiatric disorders.

The research was based on a survey of more than 10,000 teenagers between the ages of thirteen and eighteen. The study revealed that more than fifty percent of American adolescents have suffered an eating disorder. Most do not seek treatments for their issues; in fact, less than a quarter of all teens seek help for eating or weight problems. Psychiatric disorders are addressed more often.

Of those who participated in the survey, nearly 86% had suffered from at least one other psychiatric disorder, such as depression, anxiety disorder or social phobiaWhile achieving perfection is a great goal, it is order generic cialis also important which strength is completely perfect for you. It’s snowing and generic sildenafil the roads are covered with ice. You just need to believe in yourself and online purchase viagra gain back your confidence. Lifestyle can viagra canada mastercard also influence men in their sexual life. . All eating disorders were associated with a certain level of suicidal risk, bulimia nervosa was the one found to be the most strongly tied to suicide. A third of the respondents who experienced bulimia admitted to attempting suicide at least once.

Health care professionals strongly encourage parents and youth organizations to pay careful attention to their children’s eating habits, as well as to their emotional and psychological health. Proper awareness, prevention and treatment can effectively reduce the risk of suicide in American teens today.

Obama Bids Farewell to Ferraro

The first woman to ever be on a presidential ticket has passed away. Geraldine Ferraro died yesterday at 75 in Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, after struggling with a blood cancer for 12 years. Clearly she will be missed. Even President Barack Obama was heard praising the lady for her service, saying that her impact will be felt on the lives of his daughters.

In an election concession speech, Ferraro said: “for two centuries, candidates have run for president. Not one from a major party ever asked a woman to be his running mate — until Walter Mondale…Campaigns, even if you lose them, do serve a purpose. My candidacy has said the days of discrimination are numbered.”
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She was a strong, courageous lady who will be sorely missed. Her legacy is bound to live on.

Second Time Lucky for Witherspoon?

Witherspoon Weds Toth Amid Family and Friends

35-year old actress Reese Witherspoon – famous for her leading roles in Legally Blonde and Sweet Home Alabama – married Jim Toth in her stunning Californian estate. The ceremony was attended by others in the entertainment business including Tobey Maguire, Robert Downey, Jr., and newly-single Renee Zellweger. It was a small intimate affair, with only 120 guests with Witherspoon’s nieces as flower girls and her best friend Heather Fosenfield as matron of honor. Much of the couple’s family were there for the wedding, including the bride’s children (Ava, 11 and Deacon, 7) as well as her parents John and Betty. As well, Nanci Ryder was in attendance, who accompanied Renee Zellweger and happens to be one of Witherspoon’s best friends.

But it wasn’t just the new Mrs. Toth who was getting a dose of romanticismThe tests cheap viagra from canada included the international index of erectile function, index of sexual satisfaction, Kansas marital satisfaction scale, and self-esteem and relationship questionnaire. Personally I recommend that you check your credit two times a year. india generic viagra Kamagra is not made by any trusted brand but is often manufactured in factories with no real medical accreditation and no standard viagra cialis store or quality protocols. overnight delivery cialis The following thing that falls in the ED setting? Wondering which ICD-10 orthopedic codes to use for falls? Read on to get some good free tips regarding how to make improvements to my advertisement copy or expand my list. . Witherspoon’s ex-husband Ryan Phillippe spontaneously took Amanda Seyfriend – his girlfriend less than 10 years his junior – away for a weekend. They ended up at the exquisite San Ysidro Ranch situated just outside Santa Barbara, California. While his ex was getting wed, Philippe and Seyfriend were out running with their dogs.

Goodbye Liz Taylor; You Will Be Missed

Sir Elton John Pays Tribute To Friend

It’s all the great performers banding together. At a Pittsburgh concert last night, Sir. Elton John paid tribute to the death of his good friend and super entertainer Elizabeth Taylor. He told the crowd, “today I lost a friend and you lost a hero named Elizabeth Taylor…. She was without a doubt one of the greatest people I’ve ever met in my life.”

So Much More Than an Entertainer

Apart from being such a fabulous entertainer and a true friend to John, it could not be forgotten how much Elizabeth Taylor cared for people who were suffering. As John commented, “she stood up when no one was prepared to stand up and be counted against AIDS.” She truly loved people. He feels she is irreplaceable. During his rendition of ‘Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me,’ Sir. Elton said, “This is for you and your beautiful memory and for all the people you helped and saved.”
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Elizabeth Taylor died at 79 years old; may she be remembered for all the good she did.