7 Suggestions for Using Post-Halloween Candy

Most children don’t need nearly as much candy as they collect on Halloween. So what should you do with all of the leftover junk? Here are some ideas that don’t force the kids to part with their candy, but simply to use it for future enjoyment.

  1. Freeze the candy. When you freeze it you’ll then be able to use it in the future. Give the kids one piece a day (a week?) or put it in smoothies and milk shakes over time.
  2. Make a cake or more than one. You can always add delicious candies to your cake recipes.
  3. Trail mix. Open up little bags that have M&Ms and other items in them and make a trail mix. Add nuts, raisins and other goodies to the mix.trailmix
  4. Hot chocolate. The kids can add chocolate candies to their hot chocolate (or you can add it to your coffee) for a great treat.
  5. Make a gingerbread house. You can always put that candy to good use by making a gingerbread house and getting ready for the Holidays.
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  7. Lunch treats. Put one piece of candy in each child’s lunch bag so he can look forward to a treat each day.
  8. Meltdown remedy. Keep some of the candy in your purse so that you’re ready for the next melt down. Just whip out the candy and give it to a kid when you’re in the mall or in a situation where you need that quick pick-me-up.



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