Raising Safe and Healthy Kids with Soccer, eSafely and More

computerWe live in an age where there are many more ways for children to get into trouble than there used to be. With the internet, computers, cell phones and more children can stumble into places that we don’t want them to be. They can chat with dangerous strangers and can see pictures and images that can be damaging. How do we keep them safe? Here are a few suggestions that can go a long way towards helping.

1. Keep Your Kids Active: If your children are active and out of the house, they have less time to look at their computer screens, to check their phones and to chat with random people on Facebook. Obviously, you need to let your kids have some downtime, but they should be engaged in the afternoons in healthy activities like chess club, soccer, gymnastics and other activities.

2. Limit Computer Time: Rather than allowing a child to take a laptop to his room, have a central computer that everyone is allowed to use. Keep the computer in the kitchen or in the family room so that you can check on what your child is viewing.

3. Get a Computer Safety Program: Installing a tool like eSafely onto your family computer (and all computers that your children use) can greatly decrease the likelihood of problems. A tool like eSafely works seamlessly with the web browser and offering industry-leading filtering technology.
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4. Talk Opening To Your Children: So that they know what you expect from them and what you don’t want them doing. While teenagers (in particular) won’t always listen, they will at least know what your expectations are.



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