You Just Might Be In Luck With Lost Airport Items

lostHave you ever forgotten something at the airport? Well, your loss just might be someone else’s gain. The Indianapolis Airport Authority is putting as many as 2000 items up for sale with all proceeds going to their general fund to offset operating costs.

Items for sale at the auction on October 30th will include everything from t-shirts and hats to small electronics, jewelry, glasses and more. The last auction two years ago raised well over $100,000.

Carlo Bertolini explained that the majority of items turned into the lost and found are eventually returned to the owners. Those items that don’t get claimed have to meet specific criteria before they are auctioned off. The Indianapolis Airport Authority has to exhaust every avenue for finding the owner and the items have to be have unclaimed for at least 30 days.

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The auction doesn’t include items confiscated at the TSA security checkpoints.

The auction will take place tomorrow at 2601 S. Hoffman Road in Indianapolis. Online bidding will also be available and an inspection of items will take place today at 10am.


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