Losing Weight and Staying Healthy Into Your 40s

During a woman’s younger years, she may find it easier to eat a little less, exercise a little more, and maintain a steady dress size while occasionally snacking on her favorite chocolate or ice cream. Then, suddenly, she’ll hit forty and realize that her body just can’t balance itself out the same way, and that her schedule is really too busy to start working on a new, all-inclusive health regimen.

The fact of the matter is, as a person ages their body’s metabolism becomes increasingly slower. A woman’s metabolic rate falls 5% every decade starting at the young age of 20. Of course, proper nutrition and exercise throughout those years can slow the process, but the nature of things is eventually inevitable.

As you reach your forties and become more concerned with both your looks and your general health (cholesterol, heart disease…) here are a few simple tips to get started. Remember, the process will most likely take a while, and results will be slower than they were when you were 25. Don’t give up easily, and don’t get discouraged- the better your body feels, the better your mind will feel.

  • Beware of Stress Fat: a lot of the weight gained at this age shows up around the waist. This is often a result of the stress hormone cortisol, which urges the body to store energy in case of an emergency. High levels of cortisol (and with it, fat) can lead to heart disease, high-blood pressure, high cholesterol, stroke, diabetes and even cancer. It is important to deal with stress and anxiety in order to begin losing this weight.
  • Watch the Time: Over-eating during the evening, as the whirlwind of the day winds down and time becomes available, is a number one cause of slow metabolism and weight gain. These hours are often mindless or stressful, leading to large, often instant meals and additional cups of coffee.
  • Plan Your Meals: Instead of snacking on little tidbits throughout the day with plans to eat a large meal at night, make sure to set up three or four smaller, healthy meals to eat each day. Pack a lunch if you know you won’t have time to prepare one later, and make sure to get a real breakfast in within an hour of waking up. These meals will allow you to monitor your eating throughout the day, avoid unhealthy snacks, and eliminate the large late-night meals.
  • Exercise, Exercise, Exercise: Of course, physical activity is key in maintaining a healthy, fit body. Though you’ve heard it countless times- skip the elevator and use the stairs. Do jumping jacks or jump rope when you get a private moment, or maybe sign up at the gym. Go swimming, walk the dog, run on the treadmill, ride a bike… All of these activities will not only burn calories, but also improve your general health, as well as significantly reduce stress and improve your mood.


Staying Disciplined to Exercise: Tips for the Trade

runningSometimes, staying fit is all about your mental space. Gaining encouragement from others who are dedicating themselves to exercising regularly can give you the boost you need to keep going. On a recent blog post, Lindsey Holder offered such inspiration when she interviewed the extremely busy executive Jim Donovan. Goldman Sachs executive and adjunct professor at the University of Virginia School of Law, Jim Donovan still makes time for running in his life.

When she asked Donovan what made him start running, he replied that he started running as an outlet when beginning with Goldman Sachs. Explaining why running was such a great outlet for him, James Donovan, a Goldman Sachs Managing Director, said, “I then made certain that I ran for 30-45 minutes every day no matter what.  No matter how little I slept and no matter where in the world I happened to be, all I needed was a pair of sneakers and running clothes to start my day. I’ve been a convert ever since.”

When asked if he incorporates other activities into his weekly exercise program, Donovan said,

“I have incorporated a 30-40 minute pushup/jumpie workout once or twice into my week instead of a run.  This workout is basically designed to generate the same feeling that is created during my run, though.  It is very fast and very difficult.”

Certainly, for many of us who are less busy than Jim Donovan, Goldman Sachs executive, we can probably learn a few things about discipline and hard work from a role model of this sort.

One Word: Amazing


A lady who was born with Sacral Agenesis, gave birth not once, but twice, to two healthy children.  The disorder she was born with rednered her with half a body.  Her parents made the decision to amputate her legs – a decision Rose later said she was happy about – so that she wouldn’t be confined to a wheelchair and could lead a “normal” childhood.  At school they wanted her to be fitted with prosthetic legs so she’d “fit in” more but she fought them and won.

Anyway, some years later she met Dave Siggins, they fell in love and got married.  Siggins does not have any kind of disability.  He managed to take her problems in his stride, joking that he didn’t have to worry about her getting cold feet before the wedding and that the cake was bigger than the bride!  The two had a normal sex life with Dave again joking that her legs don’t get in the way.

Rose found out she was pregnant two years into their relationship.  Every doctor told her to abort except Dr. Wilson who pointed out, “this couple have committed themselves to a pregnancy and she is, basically, laying her life on the line because nobody knows what this means, no-one has lived this experience before.”  He did however warn that should she go ahead, she could die.  She told her mother that if it came to it, the baby – not her – should be saved.

Her miracle baby was born but then two years later Rose’s mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer so it was left to Rose to hold the family together. Meanwhile her father had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and dementia, so, like her mentally disabled brother, did not understand what was happening. Rose looked after them all and then had another baby of her own!

When asked quite simply, how she does it, she replies, “a lot of people with disabilities feel that life owes them something, and I was raised in a way that no, no-one owes you a dime. The world doesn't owe you anything, this is what you have and you use your resources and you get through life. My personal opinion is, get up and go for it, just do it.”

Like I said, one word: amazing.

Finnair Celebrates India’s Republic Day


One might ask, what does Finland have in common with India and why would Finnair want to make such a fuss about celebrating India’s Republic Day?  Well, it all started when a Finnish employee of Finnair got in touch with an old colleague from India and started remembering the great culture of India and Bollywood.  A scheme was hatched and what resulted was the “Take-off to Bollywood” song and dance that passengers aboard a Finnair flight AY 021 Helsinki to Delhi enjoyed last week, January 26, marking India’s Republic Day.

Finnair Runway blog poster decided to make something of this – a Finnish-Indian (or Findian) joint endeavor through Finnair’s company slogan, “Designed for you.” The result was, those who were on the flight on that day, began it not with a speech about how to deal with gas masks should the need arise, but a beautiful, colorful song and dance by the stewardesses (some in full Indian attire) in celebration of India Day, Bollying around to send passengers (and thereafter YouTube viewers) a greeting on this special India day.


Facebook Users to Design a Beer?


It seems that if you want to design a beer these days, all you need is a Facebook account. Well, not quite, but that’s the first step.  US Beer brand Samuel Adams joined forces with social-media mogul Guy Kawasaki to set up the competition that is asking FB beer lovers to design a beer by February 5, 2012.  Using the FB app Crowd Craft Project, anyone who loves beer has to put in their two cents worth on the new brew.  They will vote on: body, clarity, color, hops (bitterness), malt, and yeast.

Next, brewers from Samuel Adams will take the favorites from each category and implement them in their new recipe for the ale that will be brewed during February. Then, that beer will be debuted at Guy Kawasaki’s Girl + Guy party in Austin the following month.  It will thereafter be available in various bars around Austin as well as the Samuel Adams Boston Brewery and Adams himself will let people know when the beer will be on the markets, through Facebook.

So it’s all about fun and it’s definitely a great marketing ploy on the part ofAdams and Kawasaki.  Good team work guys!

The Super Bowl is Going to the Dogs…Sort Of.

This year’s Super Bowl commercial looks like it will be quite interesting.  Animals have been used in previous such commercials, but this year Volkswagen is teaming up with some furry friends along with an untraditional rendition of Star Wars music! Last year a child was dressed up as Darth Vader with the Star Wars music in the background.  But this year is going to be quite different…

The difference this year is that there will not be a child dressed up, but several dogs decked out in Star Wars clothing. But, instead of listening to the actual Star Wars theme tune, you will be privy to hearing the dogs barking the Star Wars theme song! 

There is a teaser video for those who cannot believe this is actually going to happen.  And for those who want to wait for a surprise, they can enjoy the full version of it at the upcoming Super Bowl.