Facebook Users to Design a Beer?


It seems that if you want to design a beer these days, all you need is a Facebook account. Well, not quite, but that’s the first step.  US Beer brand Samuel Adams joined forces with social-media mogul Guy Kawasaki to set up the competition that is asking FB beer lovers to design a beer by February 5, 2012.  Using the FB app Crowd Craft Project, anyone who loves beer has to put in their two cents worth on the new brew.  They will vote on: body, clarity, color, hops (bitterness), malt, and yeast.

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Next, brewers from Samuel Adams will take the favorites from each category and implement them in their new recipe for the ale that will be brewed during February. Then, that beer will be debuted at Guy Kawasaki’s Girl + Guy party in Austin the following month.  It will thereafter be available in various bars around Austin as well as the Samuel Adams Boston Brewery and Adams himself will let people know when the beer will be on the markets, through Facebook.

So it’s all about fun and it’s definitely a great marketing ploy on the part ofAdams and Kawasaki.  Good team work guys!


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