Hard Hits for the Movie Industry

The movie industry has been hard hit in recent years. First, there was covid. Then, there were all of the strikes last year. They are also competing against streaming services that offer so many other ways to enjoy films and all of the many other services that are available for entertainment.

What are the theaters to do? As reported by CNN, they are trying to come up with creative ways to join the competition. These creative initiatives include: re-releases, special screenings in premium formats like IMAX, and engaging promotions such as themed popcorn buckets. Alamo Drafthouse, in particular, has embraced these quieter months by programming classics and hidden gems, often paired with themed merchandise and menus. Chains like AMC and Regal are also focusing on merchandise and re-releases, with AMC even organizing a “Halfway to Halloween” festival. The upcoming summer lacks major superhero releases, leading AMC to bring back all eight Spider-Man movies, while Disney plans a marathon of “Star Wars” films on May the 4th, showcasing the continued adaptation and efforts to captivate filmgoers.

Learn more about the many creative initiatives and, perhaps, find a fun way to have some entertainment this summer!


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