Where Should You Travel Next?

It’s always fun and interesting to see where other people are traveling. Airbnb recently put out its list of the top 20 trending destinations for 2020. This is based on their year-on-year growth that they see in their bookings. Here are places that they say are up and coming and going to be hot.

1. Milwaukee, Wisconsin – up 729 per cent (year-on-year)

2. Bilbao, Spain – up 402 per cent 

3. Buriram, Thailand – up 383 per cent

4. Sunbury, Australia – up 356 per cent 

5. Romania – up 298 per cent

6. Xi’an, China – up 255 per cent 

7. Eugene, Oregon – up 213 per cent 

8. Luxembourg – up 167 per cent

9. Guadalajara, Mexico – up 158 per cent

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10. Vanuatu – up 140 per cent 

11. Cali, Colombia – up 137 per cent

12. Cape Canaveral, Florida – up 136 per cent 

13. Aberdeen, Scotland – up 119 per cent

14. Courtenay, Canada – up 114 per cent 

15. Ubatuba, Brazil – up 108 per cent

16. Les Contamines-Montjoie, France – up 108 per cent 

17. Tokyo, Japan – up 103 per cent 

18. Kerala, India – up 95 per cent

19. Malindi, Kenya – up 88 per cent

20. Maastricht, Netherlands – up 55 per cent


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