The Pet Umbrella

This season’s inconsistent weather has been inconvenient in so many ways. Many people in your household have surely been affected… But so have your pets and the cleanliness of your home.

Walking a dog in the rain, snow or sleet is never a fun task. Unexpected summer showers present similar issues; wet floors, wet furniture, muddy paw prints, and the persistent smell of wet dog in your home.

Enter the pet umbrella.

A relatively recent invention, the doggibrella provides a solution for you and your dog in any weather-related crisis. Not only will it make walks more enjoyable- it will help protect your household items, clothes and guests when you get home.

This (theoretically) easy-to-use contraption includes a clear plastic umbrella piece to shield your pooch from the elements while enabling total visibility, as well as stylish trim, a comfortable handle and a built-in leash.

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One product description on explains:

“If you just can’t take the heartbreak of telling your furry friend that it’s raining or sleeting or snowing outside, whip out this magic weather stopper (umbrella). The pet umbrellas feature blue plaid waterproof fabric, with a clear PVC window center on the pet umbrella. A nylon leash under the umbrella attaches to your pet’s collar and also adjusts for a comfortable length. Polyester fabric with aluminum handles. Slide open/close. For leash-trained pets only.”

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