Taking Care of Yourself Now

With millions upon millions of people stuck at home right now due to COVID-19, it’s more important than ever to take care of yourself. Of course, stress often leads to stress eating and to depression, which can lead to a lack of movement and listlessness. Here are a few important ways to keep yourself going during these times.

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  1. Get dressed every day. Even if you have nowhere to be, you should get up in the morning at a set time, get dressed and start your day. Staying in bed and relaxing there all day will give you a sense of freedom, but it will quickly turn into a sense of depression and listlessness.
  2. Eat three meals a day. Plan out your meals and eat balanced food. Many people will find themselves nibbling throughout the day and skipping meals, but this can actually create weight gain and a feeling of being unstructured.
  3. Exercise every day. There are so many exercise programs that are free at the moment and companies that are offering free access. You can run around the house, watch a workout video or work with free weights. But do something to get your body moving.
  4. Sleep enough. You need to get enough sleep each night to replenish your body and mind.
  5. Don’t over read. If you are the type of person who gets worried easily, give yourself a break from the fear and don’t read too much. Stay on top of the facts, of course, and know what the regulations are in your area for staying indoors and complying with the law. But don’t over read and drive yourself crazy.

We can get through this stressful time by adding structure into our lives and by keeping our bodies moving!


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