Is Your Kitchen Making You Sick?

clean-kitchenThe winter season is often associated with the flu, the common cold, and other inconvenient ailments. While the cold weather is often a contributor to these conditions, experts revealed that the microbes getting you sick may in fact originate in your home, and more specifically, in your kitchen.

Kelly A. Reynolds, PhD, explained:

“Moisture and food particles make it the perfect environment for growing germs that make you sick. If you’re not killing them, you can go from 10 microbes to millions within 24 hours.”

You may think your kitchen is spotless, but here are the places you might want to double-check:

  1. Your kitchen sink. Dr. Reynolds says: “There can be millions of pathogens clinging to the sink, the seal of the drain and the rubber gasket around the garbage disposal.” She suggests cleaning the sink regularly, especially after rinsing raw meat, vegetables or pet bowls. Make sure to use a disinfectant spray at least once a day.
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  3. Your sponge, dishtowels and dish brush. According to the NSF International, more than 75% of dish sponges and towels carry harmful bacteria. Therefore, it’s important to change these towels daily and wash them in hot water. Sponges should also be changed at least once a week, or cleaned with disinfectant regularly.
  4. Your hands. Raw eggs, meats and vegetables can all carry pathogens, which will be transferred to different surfaces by your hands. Dr. Robert Donofrio of NSF International suggests: “Get out everything you need, such as the knife, the cutting board and the pot, so you’re not opening cabinet drawers and contaminating surfaces.” Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly as well.

Other places that make ideal hiding spots for pathogens include your coffee maker, purse or briefcase, refrigerator, stove, cabinet handles, garbage cans and countertops.

Summer Tips for Cockroach Prevention

Summer means many wonderful things in most households, bringing with it things like inflatable pools, cold lemonade, ice pops and family trips. In some areas, it also means an unbelievable cockroach infestation.

These six-legged, orangish-brown insects range in size and can grow to be around two inches long. Though some adults have wings, they don’t usually fly. Sometimes they make hissing or clicking sounds, or emit unpleasant odors, and their reaction time is much quicker than that of a human.

If an infestation is discovered, you should probably call a professional exterminator. However, if you’ve found a single roach, or even just seen one outside, there are several preventative measures you can take on your own.

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First, roaches are attracted to dark, cool, damp places. Make sure to fix any leaks or moisture in drains and pipes in your home, such as under the kitchen or bathroom sink. Next, make sure never to leave food or crumbs out for long periods of time- this includes uneaten pet food, open trash cans, and dirty dishes in the sink. Sweep, vacuum and mop often, and be sure to keep all screens and doors sealed at all times.

Next, sprinkle some boric acid powder around your home, especially in small cracks, vents, cabinets, drawers, and other structural flaws and hiding places. Another interesting fact is that cockroaches are repelled by the smell of catnip. Spray this in dark spaces and likely hiding spots to deter the unwanted visitors. Catnip is non-toxic for humans and pets- but don’t use it if you have cats around. A little-known fact is that cockroaches like high spaces- be sure to sprinkle the acid powder or catnip ON TOP of kitchen cabinets, closets and other tall pieces of furniture.