Surprising Facts About Study Habits

Summer is over and it’s time for our children to get back to the job of learning. Wanting our children to succeed, parents take great pains to provide a quiet, consistent corner for their little scholar to absorb all that information thrown at them by the bookload. We help our children in whatever ways we can to succeed in school, but if parents don’t know what study habits and learning strategies work, how can they be expected to pass on useful information to their children?

For instance, the idea of having a single, isolated study location may be misguided. Studies have consistently shown that varying the location of studying actually improves retention of the information. It has been shown time and again that alternating study environments improves grades, and not the opposite.

Other surprising, or maybe not so surprising strategies students of all ages can use to improve learning, retention and grades are studying mixed content, spacing study sessions, and self-testing. Some excellent students have discovered some or all of these methods on their own to great success, while other, less successful students keep trying the same old methods that have been shown not to work; but with no idea what else to try, keep on studying with the old, failing ways.
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Try some new strategies this coming school year, and see if you can get some better results.


Rachel Forsythe has a B.A. in English Literature and worked as an editor for a local weekly news magazine. She is now a stay-at-home mom, raising three younger boys and two older daughters. Her favorite activities are hiking, reading, traveling, bike riding, skiing in the winter and surfing in the summer. She also loves to cook. Be in touch with Rachel at Rachel[at]

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