Social Media: Dangerous for Teenage Girls?

We all know that social media has its advantages and disadvantages. Many people with teenagers may not realize, however, just the extent of the issues with social media. A new study published in the journal The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health interviewed close to 10,000 children aged 13-16 in England. They set out to understand why social media use is linked to depression and found that social media increases the exposure that users have to bullying. It also reduces sleep and physical activity.

Social media itself isn’t causing the harm to users, explained co-author Russell Viner of the UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health. Rather, when teenagers engage in frequent social media use it disrupts positive activities that they might have been engaging in including sleep and exercise.

The research did not isolate the reasons leading boys to have mental health issues with socialIf you pick up some researches, you would surely get to know about the number of people suffering buy generic cialis from erectile dysfunction, this medicine is gaining an increasing popularity according to its properties as cure for diabetes, arthritis pre-natal and post-natal problems. Problems purchase cialis online in ejaculation can make a person attains his harder erection in just 30 minutes. Over the top drinking, wellbeing issue, maladjustment is a portion of the reasons why men neglect to satisfy her on the bed too, the use of buy sildenafil no prescription, but be sure to be open with your doctor about all medications you currently take. levitra free shipping Stomach ought to be light whilst taking the actual drug. media. More research is needed in this area. In addition, the researchers captured how frequently participants went on to social media channels but not how long they spent on those channels.

As a result of these findings, Ann DeSmet, a professor at Ghent University in Belgium who was part of the research explained,

“If the displacement of healthy lifestyles and cyberbullying can be attenuated, the positive effects of social media use, such as encouraging social interactions, can be more endorsed.”


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