Pedius Helps the Deaf to Communicate

The deaf community may now be able to function with even more ease with the Pedius app. This app allows the user to type a message on the screen. It is then translated into speech in real time so the recipient can then hear the request or message. Their spoken response is then translated back into text for the deaf person.

Developed by Italian entrepreneur Lorenzo Di Ciaccio, this app can really help those who need to communicate but can’t express their needs.
One of the great features of the app is that Pedius doesn’t require both of the users to have specific hardware. Pedius shows alternatives in case the voice transcription isn’t accurate. The user can also ask the recipient to repeat themselves with the “R” button.

The app is free but it costs money to place the calls. Pedius launched in Italy in 2013 and is available in the UK, US and France. They hope to expand into Europe later this year.
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