Picking a Watermelon Can Be Like Picking a Friend

Like relationships, watermelons do not come with guarantees. Nevertheless just as we jump into new friendships or romances despite previous disappointments, so too do we continue to bring home watermelons in the hope that this one will be the one. And just like with friendships and romances there are ways of increasing the chance of picking one that will bring us a positive experience, there are also several simple things you can do to help increase your chances of this watermelon being the perfect taste experience that you know a watermelon can be.

We’ve all heard the one about tapping on the outside of the watermelon and listening for something or other to help us choose. Thumping the watermelon is controversial; not everyone believes it works, while many swear by it. So all I can say is give it a try. Hold the watermelon a bit away from your body and give it few good raps with your knuckles. Try and detect a not-too-deep sound, perhaps more of a tenor voice than a bass. A too deep sound can either mean that the watermelon has too much water and is not completely ripe yet, or that the center has separated and formed into chunks. This condition, called ‘hollow heart,’ can be caused by improper fertilization or by the farmer trying to speed up the ripening process with too much fertilizer and water.

Check out the outer look of the watermelon. Dull is better than shiny, and the shape should be symmetrical and uniform. Strange curves and bumps could mean an uneven watering schedule or not a consistent exposure to the sun’s rays.

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Watermelons should have a creamy patch on their surface, which is the place where the watermelon was touching the ground as it grew. The deeper the color means the longer the fruit stayed on the vine, slowly developing its characteristically sweet taste.  A yellow patch is better than a white patch, and a white patch is better than no patch at all.

You can also tell if a watermelon will be good by its weight-to-size ratio. The heavier the melon feels as compared to its size, the better. Check out a few watermelons of the same dimensions, and pick the heaviest among them. Hopefully with all these tips you will be able to bring home the perfect friend, I mean watermelon, which with a little luck and a bit of effort, won’t have a ‘hollow heart.’

Delaware – Taking Charge Where Obesity is Concerned

Some local coalitions are getting creative to get children’s weight back on track.  One local coalition of Delaware County organizations has created a program called Healthy Living Take Charge!  Their goal is to take concrete steps to lower the county’s high obesity rates among adults and children.

As Tamara White, co-chairman of Healthy Living and a Delaware County Health Department employee, said, “Instead of reinventing the wheel, coming up with a program that may get funded for a couple of years and that’s it, we created small grants to assist agencies that already have a good track record creating obesity-focused programs. The focus on obesity is what we needed in this community and this way we’re working on this issue.”

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Healthy Living Take Charge! is using its $14,000 in mini-grant dollars to offer money to programs that address both nutrition and physical activity.  They are trying to encourage day cares, preschools and other agencies that work with young children to use their forum to address obesity and to teach children at an early age.

How Hubble Works: Part 3

The Hubble Space Telescope is in orbit around the earth, completing one orbit every 97 minutes. At 5 miles per second, the speed at which Hubble is orbiting, it would be possible to travel the span of the entire United States in just 10 minutes. During its travels Hubble’s mirror catches light from space and passes it into several different scientific instruments.
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Hubble is outfitted with several different instruments which examine the incoming light from space in different ways. Together the information gathered from the many instruments on Hubble can give a more complete picture of the universe, extending and expanding our knowledge astronomically.

Pesticides Linked with ADHD: The Latest Findings

A new study, conducted by Brenda Eskenazi at the University of California at Berkely, and published in the August 19th issue of the journal Environmental Health Perspectives found fascinating results about ADHD.  They point to a connection between prenatal levels of exposure to metabolites of organophosphate pesticides and an increase risk for ADHD in children.

The researchers, examining 300 children enrolled in the Center for the Health Assessment of Mothers and Children of Salinas, found that pesticide exposure during pregnancy didn’t significantly increase the risk of ADHD for children ages 3.5, but did seem to be highly associated with children around 5.

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In another study, published in Pediatrics by Dr. Marc Weisskopf of the Harvard School of Public Health, researchers found that these pesticides may increase the risk of ADHD in children ages 8-15 years.

Choosing the Right Laptop

Now you’re a student, if you don’t have one already, you’re going to need to invest in a laptop.  Since there are so many different ones available on the market, it is worth doing a bit of research before making the purchase.  Here is a brief list of some of the things you might want to look out for:
a)    Price – that is probably the most important factor.  You don’t want to start going over your budget before you’ve even started your college years. Make a complete budget for your needs during college and feature the laptop into them. Don’t go over, no matter how tempting a particular model looks.
b)    Weight – laptops can vary tremendously in how heavy they are.  If lagging around a heavy laptop is going to be burdensome for you, choose one that is lighter in weight.  Check out the different models for how they feel before purchasing.
c)    Apple or PC – if you are a graphics person, you might want to choose an Apple laptop.  They are also generally known to be more stable and dependable and crash less often.  On the other hand, they tend to price somewhat higher so bear that in mind if you are interested in the Apple.  The PC, while running slightly cheaper, can also benefit those who want to have exactly the same programs as the majority of other people since there are more PC than Apple users these days.
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d)    Storage – make sure you have a safe place to store your laptop in your college dorms.  Never leave it out or exposed.  Laptops are so popular with thieves.
Go get yourself a laptop for your college needs. Just make sure you research the various models ahead of time.

Hubble’s Discoveries: Part 2

The Hubble Space Telescope is celebrating twenty years of exploration and discovery of the vast universe in which we are just a small part.  Until Hubble allowed astronomers to probe into the deepest reaches of space, cosmologists could only guess the age of the universe to be somewhere between 10 and 20 billion years. With the help of Hubble the age of the universe is now given a much more accurate figure of 13-14 billion years.

Many key features of the universe have been discovered with the unique visualizing abilities of Hubble, such as dark energy, a mysterious force which accelerates the speed with which the universe is expanding. With the help of Hubble our understanding of how galaxies form has been advanced, as well as how solar systems and planets are born. Other planets have been observed orbiting their own suns in their own solar systems, proving that our solar system is not at all unique in the universe, something that was always conjecture, but never before actually visualized.

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The amount of information spewing forth from Hubble is enormous, allowing astronomers to publish, as of today, over 6,000 articles based on data from Hubble. The Hubble Space Telescope has made a revolutionary difference in mankind’s understanding of the universe.