Stop Work: Self-Portrait Day

No matter what you are busy doing, make time today on 11-1-11 for a self-portrait so that you can participate in Self-Portrait Day.  Even if you feel you do not have the skills to actually draw or paint, you may still take part in this day with a self-photo.  But make it happen. It is November 1, 2011 and every year on this day, artists – or wannabe artists – take out the time to do a self-portrait. From Australia to Athens, Zimbabwe to Zambia, due to the Internet, all these efforts can beBasically, men feel the erectile levitra in india price dysfunction in time of love making for so many causes. Coconuts are rich in order cialis online saturated fats and help to increase testosterone. These new versions have sildenafil bulk provided an efficient way to enhance the erection quality while making love. Rest cialis pills for sale the role of medicine will make you bring the car to a halt. shared.  It is a great way for artists from around the globe to make a connection. 

Even if you just want to be a voyager, the first ones you will see will come from Australia and, as the day comes to a close, Honolulu will make their artworks seen.  It is a wonderful, honest and real way of artist exposure.  The event has now been taking place for six years, during which time there has been tremendous change in style and interest.  Indeed, even every artist has made subtle changes to their works.


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