Guy Fawkes Night

Tomorrow night, if you are anywhere in the UK, you might want to close your windows.  It is the 5th of November which marks Guy Fawkes Night!  The night when everyone and their dog come out to play and enjoy a bonfire, burning their own-made Guy Fawkes and enjoying some fireworks.

Guy Fawkes 101

So how and when did it all begin? Way back in 1605, a man named Guy Fawkes was found in the basement of the Houses of Parliament bearing a large amount of gunpowder as he was intending to blow up the government….literally. Along with his co-conspirators, Fawkes was thereafter tired as a traitor against the government by Judge Popham and sentenced to death via one of the most horrendous ever executions in history (hung, drawn and quartered).

Guy Fawkes Tradition

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So why the celebration now?  The following year, the King and Parliament commissioned a sermon in commemoration of what Guy Fawkes did and his punishment.  Gunpowder Plot Sermons were delivered (the first one by Lancelot Andrewes) and along with a kids nursery rhyme – known as ‘Please to remember the fifth of November’ – it was hoped that Mr. Fawkes’ crime would never be forgotten.

Guy Fawkes Today

So tomorrow night, remember: it is going to be lots of big bangs from the fireworks and a lot of smoke. And if you manage to see how Guy Fawkes is “burned” once again, you’ll be fully partaking in the British tradition of remembering the 5th of November!


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