Never Lose Your Luggage Again…

luggage-356733_640Everyone knows the frustration of losing your luggage on the way to a great vacation. Now, Delsey has come to the rescue with the Pluggage that they showcased at the CES Innovation awards this month in the US. What makes this suitcase so different is that it can charge your mobile phone and let you know if your suitcase made it onto the flight with you.l

In addition, if you want to know if your luggage is overweight, you can synch your case with a smartphone app that can tell you how heavy the case is. Similarly, by synching with your app, you can get a notification if your suitcase has made it to the plane.

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Other options are still up for discussion including an inside lighting system that will switch on when the suitcase opens, a fingerprint ID that protects you and more. They are also discussing a check lock facility that can tell you if the suitcase has been opened without your knowledge and an app weather forecast that tells you what type of weather to expect at your destination.


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