Late Afternoon Pick-Me-Ups

Do you hit a slump in the afternoon and feel like crawling into bed? Many of us do, and it’s not hard to get over that period and into the evening, especially if these are hours when you’re still working. Here are four ways to try to manage the afternoon.

*Take a Break: Get away from your screen for a few minutes and get some exercise. Even if you just go outside for five minutes or do stretches by your desk, you’ll give yourself energy.


*Get Rid of Sugar: Sugar can actually make you feel worse, even though you think you’re using it as an energy boost. The fast boost is often followed by a slump as your blood sugar levels plummet in response to the hormone insulin that is released when you eat sugar. So stay away from the sweet stuff in the afternoon.
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*Avoid Heavy Lunches: A heavy lunch will definitely make you want to put your head on the desk afterwards. So eat a light lunch with some protein and vegetables to keep you alert through the afternoon.

*Enjoy a Bit of Caffeine: While caffeine, like any other substance, can be used too much, in moderation it can be a helpful energy boost. Having one cup of coffee after lunch (if you haven’t already had too much during the day) can be helpful for many people. Don’t drink it too late, however, as it may make it hard for you to fall asleep at night.cappuccino-593256_640


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