Drip-Proof Ice Cream? Maybe So

ice-cream-770994_640We all know the feeling. We buy a delicious ice cream cone, and before we can even take three bites, it’s dripping down our arms. What is an ice cream lover to do? Now, thanks to researchers at the Universities of Edinburgh and Dundee, we might have an answer to that question. They have found a naturally occurring protein that can be used for ice cream that makes it more resistant to melting. It has a smooth consistency as a result of the air, fat and water that bind together and stays frozen longer.

The protein is called Bs1A and it clings to fat droplets and air bubbles. Project lead Professor Cait MacPhee of the University of Edinburgh’s School of Physics and Astronomy said, “We’re excited by the potential this new ingredient has for improving ice cream, both for consumers and for manufacturers.”

It’s also possible that this protein will allow for the creation of ice cream and other frozen items that are lower in saturated fat. As McPhee told the BBC, “By using this protein we’re replacing some of the fat molecules that are currently used to stabilize these oil and water mixtures.”

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It’s also possible that it will lower costs for storage, as warehouses and ice cream delivery trucks won’t have to be kept as cold.

For those of you salivating with the thought – you may need to keep your expectations in check for a bit. They don’t expect the ice cream to be ready for the market for another three to five years.


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