Giving to Others Gives to You

Last week on February 17, it was national Random Acts of Kindness Day. We aren’t sure exactly why there needs to be a specific day, since it would be nice if people were kind every day. But given as how this was just given the spotlight, we thought we would spotlight some benefits of being kind.

Research has shown conclusively that being kind to others has health benefits for the giver. It stimulates the reward center of the brainA prolonged erection can have serious negative health effects and order viagra can be used for long term even without the prescription of physicians. Libido enhancement drugs buy cheapest viagra and supplements work in different schemes. Testosterone Erectile erection may cause by low levels of testosterone include infertility, tadalafil australia low muscle mass, erectile dysfunction, breast growth, loss of bone mass, reduced hair growth, low sex drive, low energy, low stamina, arthritis and brittle bones. This pill must be eaten with a glass of water, 30 minutes before a person is having desire to do sex. cialis properien and creates what is known as a “helper’s high.” Interestingly, as reported by CNN, these activities can actually help us to live longer.

How? Giving to others has been shown to both reduce the giver’s blood pressure and to improve their heart health. Giving has also been linked to happiness and to a reduction in pain.

Read more, and think of small ways that you can give more each day. It could be tiny things like letting another driver in before you or large things like giving a donation or giving of your time to those in need.


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