Four Fool-Proof Tips for Party Planning

Many people are intimidated by party planning. It’s not always easy to have dozens of people in your home or to know how to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Don’t despair, however. There are many ways to ensure that the experience is a smooth one and that everyone (host included) can have fun.

1. Make sure that you have plenty of paper goods on hand. Purchase your paper goods from a solid company like EMBraer Paper Goods and don’t skimp. Buy 20% more than you think that you need so that you always have extras in case of emergency, spills, extra guests and more. As Beth Sonnenfeld, the VP of Sales for EMBraer Paper Goods explains, “The paper goods can always be used at another time. But if you don’t have enough on hand for the party, you will run around trying to find a plate here and more napkins there. Buy extra and rest assured.”

2. Set the time for half an hour before you actually want people to arrive. People always arrive about a half hour late, so if you call the party for 6, you should expect your guests around 6:30. This is true in many activities. As one of our loyal customers Jack Elio said in frustration, “Clients almost always come for their meetings half an hour late. It’s like it’s in people’s blood to come exactly half an hour late.”

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3. Have enough trash bags around. You want to have trash bags at the ready and make sure that guests know where they can place their leftovers. This allows you to consolidate all refuse in one place and not to have people leaving their half used cups and their plates around your home.

4. Hire extra help if at all possible. This is really an amazing tip but one that few people listen to. People think that it’s not worth the extra money – but it can make all the difference to allow the party planner to relax during the party and to make sure that everyone is enjoying.


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