FedEx Smiles in the Holiday Season


Everyone enjoys a bit of festivity. Even busy businessmen and those who have to work over the holiday season can’t help but adorn their faces with a smile.  This is definitely the case for FedEx which delivers tons of packages around the holiday season.  Indeed, reports show that a couple of days ago the company delivered over 17 million packages in just one day!

The people at FedEx work especially hard around the holiday season.  Sometimes employees are working more than 12 hours shifts and it doesn’t matter if it’s snowing outside – those FedEx packages have to be delivered. But at least they bring smiles to the faces of the people receiving the packages. When people get their Christmas FedEx packages, you can feel the radiation from the smiles from miles away.

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And, come Christmas 2011, FedEx is ensuring its customer base that every single package will be delivered for Christmas.  So if you’re looking for something to smile about, when you see those men and women in their navy-blue and purple-stripe clad uniforms, you’re sure to say goodbye to them with a smile on your face!  Now let’s see what’s in those packages…



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