Did You Damage Your Eyes During the Eclipse?

The experts certainly made it very clear that people should not look directly into the sun during the recent solar eclipse. But if you did look at it without protective eyewear, you are probably worried that you may have damaged your eyes. But have you?

Google Trends showed a spike on Tuesday morning, after the eclipse, of people searching for “eye pain.”

How do you know if you actually damaged your eyes? Symptoms can begin just a few hours after exposure, or they can take a few days to develop.

Symptoms that you should consider include:

* Watery eyes that last for more than a minute

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* Soreness and discomfort when moving your eye

* Sensitivity towards bright lights near you

* Blurriness or blind spots in the center of your vision

If you are still unsure whether or not you damaged your eyes, you can look at the Amster Grid eye test which is used by doctors to detect issues with vision. You can print the grid that they offer and place it 14-16 inches from your eyes.


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