Calculate Your Life Expectancy

Have you ever wondered how long you’re going to live? And how much your lifestyle habits are influencing your life expectancy?

These are the questions that are addressed in the life expectancy calculator below. Called Project Big Life, it was created by a team that was investigating the deaths of 70,000 people while looking at how health behaviors affect the risk of death. Canadian medical experts, along with the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, and others have created the calculator.


What would you like us to calculate for you?

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Age:     (between 20 and 79 years)
Height: cm   or
Weight: kg   or   pounds


Smoking Status
What is your smoking status?


Alcohol Consumption
How often do you consume alcoholic beverages?


Fruit & Vegetable Diet
How many times did you have each of the following in the past week?
Fruit juice: (0 to 70)
Fruit: (0 to 70)
Salad: (0 to 70)
Potatoes: (0 to 70)
Carrots: (0 to 70)
Other vegetables: (0 to 70)


Leisure Physical Activity
How much time did you spend jogging or running in the past week?
(0 to 35) hours


How much time did you spend playing ice hockey, soccer, basketball, volleyball, or rollerblading in the past week?
(0 to 35) hours


How much time in the past week did you spend doing other leisure activities? (i.e. walking, cycling, gardening, exercising, golfing, bowling, skating, fishing, baseball, tennis etc.)
(0 to 35) hours


Self-Perceived Stress
Thinking about the amount of stress in your life, would you say that most days are:



Postal Code (Optional):   (e.g. K1Y 4E9) Postal code is used to adjust for geographic variations
Did you immigrate to Canada?


What is your Household Income?


Which of the following Conditions do you have?


Does illness limit your ability to participate in activities?
Provide this information if you would like to see the probability of living until a future event of your choice.
For example, will I live to see
    – the Toronto Maple Leafs win the Stanley Cup?
– my grandchild get married?
– my grandchild’s graduation?
– my retirement?
– my 100th birthday?
Event name:   (e.g. Your child’s or grandchild’s wedding)
Event year:     (YYYY – e.g. 2019)




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