Bucklist for Retirees Shows They are Ready to Roll

A recent survey asked 1000 retirees to discuss their ultimate bucket list of locations that they hope to hit before they die. Fidelity Worldwide Investment conducted the survey, finding the retirees are really ready for some adventure.

25% want to take a cruise in the Caribbean while 23% are interested in a scenic train trip across Europe. 20% want to go to the Grand Canyon – but they want to do so from a helicopter.

While everyone dreams, only 20% believe that they will be able to get everything done from their to-do list.

As Maike Currie, associate investment director at Fidelity Worldwide Investment said, “People no longer see hitting age 65, traditionally the so-called “retirement age”, in the same light as they did in the past. Many people over 65 are healthy, active and independent. As the survey’s findings show, rather than slowing down and taking it easy, today’s retirees plan to live life to the full. They are keen to travel the world and make the most of their golden years. In many ways 65 is the new 50.”

Here is the list that the survey found for retirees:

1. View Aurora Borealis, Norway (29%)
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2. Go on a cruise in the Caribbean (25%)
3. Inter rail across Europe (23%)
4. Take a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon and the Las Vegas strip (20%)
5. Ride a gondola in Venice (18%)
6. Walk the Great Wall of China (18%)
7. Go on Route 66 road trip in US (18%)
8. See the Taj Mahal in India (17%)
9. Go on an African safari (17%)
10. Visit the pyramids in Egypt (15%)


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