Avoiding Anger

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Is anger contagious?

According to sociologists, moods can be transferred through brief interactions. A quick interaction can often reveal if someone is in a good or a bad mood. These small exchanges can have a cumulative effect, shifting both your own mood and the moods of those around you.

Recent research by sociologist Nicholas Christakis demonstrated this. “We were able to show that as one person became happy or sad, it rippled through the network,” Christakis says.

Interestingly, digital interactions can have the same effect.

A study that tracked the news feeds of Facebook users confirmed this. “We found that when good things were happening in your news feed — to your friends and your family — you also tended to write more positively and less negatively,” says Jeff Hancock, a communications researcher at Stanford University.

The takeaway? Digital communication is a tool that can spread negativity or positivity, depending on what you choose to focus on and share.


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