Apple Offers You A Way to See If You’re Addicted

Most of us would admit that we are on our phones too much. But do we know what “too much” really means? Now, Apple is helping you to figure that out. Starting now, anyone with an Iphone 5S or later can get those details about how often they interact with the device in their hands. The iOS 12 is currently available as a beta and will be coming to the general public later this year. It has a number of features, with the most central of them being Screen Time.

This took can be found under settings and it calculates the time that you spend on your phone each day and breaks it down by app and category. It shows you how many notifications you receive and how often you pick up that pesky phone.

Google has rolled out similar features for Android and Facebook is testing their own time-tracking version.

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Certainly, it’s all a start.



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