A Princess in Jeans?

Casual Kate Crushes Kids?

Well, not quite but Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, certainly disappointed a bunch of school children when she attended a meeting at an art therapy center, located at a school, last week.  Turning up in jeans, it wasn’t what they expected.  But in fairness to the newest Royal, it was only a private meeting she was there for – she just wanted to find out more about the Art Room – the organization that had requested her support. There is a branch located at the school.  The charity helps children who have various challenges.

At the Robert Blair Primary School in Islington where the meeting took place, the children had been waiting with great excitement for her grand entrance…and when it came, they were not too pleased.  Word at the playground was, “she doesn’t look like a Princess; where’s her dress?” according to a report in The Daily Mail

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In all fairness to the children, they were looking forward to a visit from “a real life Princess,” which was what they had been promised by their headmaster (principal) Mr. Miller and deputy headmaster Mr. Murphy.  So they waited in the car park for her arrival.  The little ones especially just couldn’t reconcile modern-day Kate with the stunning Princess they had seen wed prince William a few months earlier on TV.

Still, perhaps it is better that children are taught real life lessons early on.  The bottom line is, everyone is just human and sometimes, even a Princess wants to dress down in a pair of jeans.



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