4 Safety Tips for Halloween Night

autumn-20461_640Unfortunately, in addition to the fun to be had on Halloween, there is a lot of danger to be had as well. With so many kids out on the streets, there are bound to be more issues and accidents than usual. Here are four safety tips to ensure that everyone has a blast and stays safe.

1. Decorate your child’s costume and candy bag with reflective tape or stickers and, if possible, put them in a light color. Many accidents occur on Halloween when children are crossing the street or moving from one location to another, and cars don’t see them.

2. Make sure that your child’s costume is flame resistant. Terrible accidents have occurred on Halloween when children have been burnt, or killed, by costumes that catch on fire.

3. Always stay with your child, particularly those younger than 12. If you do let older children out on their own, remind them to stay in a group, not to enter a stranger’s house and to stay in familiar areas.

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4. Monitor what candy your children are getting and only allow them to take things that are wrapped and clearly labeled.


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