Music Really Does Soothe the Soul

woman-977020_640Most people realize that music can have a calming influence and that it’s used for therapy in many ways. Now, the benefits are even more pronounced. Dr. Diana Vetter and her team at the University of Zurich have found that patients who listen to their favorite music have lower blood pressure and heart rates than do those who don’t. The benefits of the music, interestingly enough, were most pronounced when the patient picked his own play list. Their analysis covered research in the past 15 years. Their findings were published in the Annals of Surgery.

In their study, music was linked to 31% less pain, 29% lower odds of using pain medications and 34% less anxiety.

Marianne van der Heijden, a researcher at Erasmus Medical Center – Sophia Children’s Hospital in Rotterdam explained the potential impact of the study. As she said, “Music interventions are not yet part of the system because for an intervention to be formally adapted in medicine and hospitals, efficacy needs to be shown. There now seems to be enough evidence to support the formal adaptation of music interventions in clinical guidelines. Self-selected music interventions shouldn’t be difficult to provide at all and could be realized by creating awareness among hospital staff, patients and their family members about the positive effects of music.”
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